About us and our mission

We are a young interdisciplinary team coming from language technology (NLP), philosophy, psychology and robotics. We are united by a conviction that thoughtful deliberation and sensible conversation can save the world. Our mission is to develop technologies that facilitate good deliberation and conversation.

Through conversation we may gain a glimpse into the way others see the world and may express our own perspectives. Conversation is the best and only way to build mutual understanding, respect and trust between people holding contrary views. However, the controversial issues dividing us are complex and evoke strong feelings. Good conversation about such issues requires skills, that unfortunately, are not widespread. That is why discussions concerning them are characterized by misunderstanding and polarization. A good conversation on divisive issues consists of clear and outright arguments that express reasons to believe a conclusion, without denigrating the opposition, or misleading receivers through rhetorical ploys. Through effective and engaging educational systems, and AI powered writing assistants, we want to spread the skills needed to understand and evaluate complex issues, and to converse about them in a sensible manner.

Exploring the world of ideas can be an exhilaratingly exciting and engaging experience. However, the process of widening one's perspective by intellectual explorations may also be a lonely, confusing affair. We strive to make interactions with science, ethics and politics as fun and engaging as computer games and social media.